WE are Diana + Viki, german wedding photographers and are a couple since 2008 + got married in April, 2011. Maybe you’ve already seen it: we totally felt in love with New Zealand and really LOVED exploring this country and meeting these incredibly friendly people who are so AMAZING! 10 and a halt months felt way too short to live in this wonderful piece of earth. We feel really blessed to be part of one of the most amazing days in our clients‘ life and to create memories for them. It’s just an honor to share those once-in-a-life-time-moments with them and to present them with uniquely memories of their day – those they will share with their future kids, grandchildren,…

Furthermore we really LOVE to travel – one of our biggest love. This is also the reason why we used to live in New Zealand. It has been a big dream for the both of us for years and then we just decided to do it. Originally we’re from Germany and will return in 2018 – so we’re able for weddings in summer 2018 for your wedding in Germany, Europe, or where ever again!

We would love to meet you and are glad to hear from you. Feel free to have a look on our images, write us + enjoy our story.

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