roadtrip USA

exploring the world with you .

In April 2016 we’ve been at the beautiful west coast of the US. We started our trip in one of the most amazing cities in this world – Stockholm – and flew to San Francisco after a few days. We enjoyed our stay there for 3 days and couldn’t wait for our flight to Las Vegas, just to get into the rental car + to escape for the BEAUTIFUL Grand Canyon. This was one of the most amazing experiences for us – to see god’s beauty in his creation + to be overwhelmed + amazed. We started in Las Vegas with more than 28 degrees, ended up at the Grand Canyon with SNOW + returned to this crazy city for some relaxed days for our wedding anniversary.

After having a beautiful time in a great hotel for this occasion and going every year to the best breakfast-place EVEEEEEER, we started our road trip from Vegas through the death valley which was just STUNNING + went to the south. We just LOVE to be on the road, to stop when ever we want to and to be amazed by everything we’re allowed to see.


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