angelina + johannes

When we met Angelina + Johannes for the first time we totally felt in love with them. They are so amazing people + just perfect for each other! They grew up in the same area where we used to live as kids + therefore it was double special for us to meet them, know more about how they became a couple + how they ended up to live in a beautiful city in a wonderful old flat. They also love to travel + are at least as interested into boardgames as we are.
When we met the first time we talked so long + much with each other and didn’t realize how fast time was flying. And also on their wedding day it was like a day with friends. We celebrated this wonderful love, captured their special + individual day which was prepared with so much love + just with their special people around them. To be honest: Do you need more than your beloved ones around you on this special day?! We love it when our bridal couples decide to celebrate with family + friends and want to enjoy this time consciously.

Angelina + Johannes, you guys are INCREDIBLE! Thanks for being so so amazing – to each other, to every one of your friends + family + to us. We felt like being your friends and enjoyed it so much to celebrate your love! This world needs more people like you: honest, with abundant love for everyone + focused on the important things in life.

We love you guys! xx


Location: Hof Herzberg

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